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CNN made the right decision to fire Rick Santorum

CNN fired Rick Santorum after Indigenous groups along with Native Organizers Alliance called for his removal because of his comments dismissing thousands of years of Native American history and culture and contributions to the United States.

Native Organizers Alliance released the following statement following the news of CNN terminating Rick Santorum’s contract.

“CNN made the right decision to fire Rick Santorum. His racist comments are a deliberate erasure of our Native peoples to prop up white supremacy. If we don’t exist, then you can take our lands, poison our waters, and desecrate our sacred places, without any thought to the people who were here first.

Firing Santorum is a start but CNN must do more as an international media organization and hire Native peoples to tell our own stories. CNN must feature Native commentators and cover the issues of Indian Country.”

Before CNN took action to address this issue, Judith LeBlanc Director of Native Organizers Alliance wrote the following op-ed for Huffpost