End the legacy of broken promises in Chaco Canyon

The Department of the Interior has taken initial steps to protect Chaco Culture National Historical Park by issuing a 20-year administrative withdrawal that bans new oil and gas drilling and fracking on unleased federal lands within a 10-mile buffer. 

While steps have been taken to protect certain areas of Greater Chaco from industrial exploitation, more needs to be done to truly safeguard the safety and well-being of this cultural landscape and surrounding communities.

That’s why we’ve join with partners, including Navajo Nation, Diné C.A.R.E., Sierra Club, and Friends of the Earth, in support of the Honoring Chaco Initiative (HCI) which would end all new oil and gas drilling and fracking from the region, phasing out existing extraction activities, and establishing Tribal co-management strategies for the future.

“Native Organizers Alliance stands in unity with the Greater Chaco Coalition in their call on the Department of Interior to recommit to the Honoring Chaco Initiative. The DOI must respond with action immediately to stop permitting new extraction, restore our lands, and put Tribal co-management at the center of a just transition and sustainable economic future. Ending the harmful resource extraction, which has significant impacts on the health of local Native communities across generations, will have long-lasting positive improvements if the DOI actively engages Native communities who live and work in the Greater Chaco region to establish an effective Tribal co-management plan.”

Carol Davis, Managing Director of Native Organizers Alliance

Looking ahead, the HCI will continue to advance the following core goals:

  • Stop permitting new oil and gas drilling and fracking, and phase out existingextraction, across the Greater Chaco Landscape.
  • Develop and implement Tribal co-management strategies for the region’s public lands and resources.
  • Fully protect and restore the air quality, ground and surface waters, and healthy lands of the region.
  • Allocate resources to enable communities to achieve economic security and sustainability, including massive clean up efforts of failing oil and gas infrastructure.

Learn more and sign on to urge the Department of the Interior as well as Secretary Haaland.