Native Vote

Advocating for Voting Rights and Representation Across Indian Country

Native Organizers Alliance builds Native peoples’ visibility and political power at the ballot box and beyond. Through our strategic partnerships with other Native-led organizations, we are able to help with voter registration, in-person and mail-in voting, and voter protection, which will be key in future elections across all of Indian Country.

Native People Deserve a Fair Chance to Vote

NOA is asking for your support in telling your local electeds..
We understand how important Native voices are, especially during crucial election years. For the last few years, we have worked with the Native American Voting Rights Act (NAVRA) Coalition to get NAVRA passed in legislation. Download this toolkit to spread the word…

Progress is Possible When Indian Country Goes to the Poll

Indian Country plays a crucial role in local, state, and national elections. From the climate crisis and accessible healthcare, to education and tribal sovereignty, the ballots have a lot at stake for our communities. In 2020 and 2022, with the support of our network of partners, like IllumiNative and NARF, we helped get out a record-breaking number of Native voters in key states. Let’s do it again in 2024. 

Community Organizing

We educate organizers about the basics of community organizing and what to expect. We teach how to identify issues and tactics for mobilizing and empowering individuals to take action.

Leadership Skills

We teach skills that allow for organizers to be effective leaders in their communities. Organizers will learn about effective communication, critical thinking, technology, and the importance of collaboration.

Partnership Building

We teach organizers about building trust and maintaining partnerships throughout Indian Country and beyond. Organizers learn about the various roles and responsibilities partners can have throughout campaigns.

Applying Traditional Values

Organizers will learn how cultural values are applied to grassroots organizing, and the role Indigenous storytelling plays. We teach about the value of engaging elders and traditional knowledge holders.

Campaign Building

We provide tools and resources that allow organizers to build campaign plans, organize people, plan events, develop messaging, write petitions, engage with media, and create phone and letter-writing campaigns.