Red Road to DC

Native Organizers Alliance is now on the #RedRoad2DC Totem Journey accompanying the delivery of a totem pole from Lummi Nation House of Tears carvers and spiritual leaders to the new Administration, culminating with events in Washington, D.C. This  cross-country tour connects twenty of the country’s Native-led struggles where sacred lands, waters, and wildlife are imperiled by dams, climate change, and extractive industries.

Native Organizers Alliance at a blessing ceremony with the totem pole in Bears Ears

Keystone XL is Cancelled!

For more than a decade, Native people and organizations have led the way in the struggle to stop the disastrous Keystone XL Pipeline. On his first day in office, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order to revoke the permit for the pipeline. Then on June 9, 2021, the owners of Keystone finally gave up. We won! Native Organizers Alliance is proud to have played a role in the historic victory.