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The leadership at Native Organizers Alliance is always working to frame what is happening in the world through the lens of Native grassroots organizers.

The attempts to erase our people is directly tied to the ways in which governments proceed without our consent. If they just ignore that we exist, then they don’t have to engage with our sovereign governments in any part of the decision-making. The problem with this approach is that it is in direct violation of the constitutionally guaranteed treaties our ancestors signed ― agreements that were intended to ensure we had a voice in any and all decisions regarding our homelands. 

UltraViolet joined with Protect the Sacred, ACLU South Dakota, IllumiNative, the Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute, the Native Organizers Alliance, Advance Native Political Leadership and Indigenous Life Ways to commission the mobile billboard with messages from seven Indigenous women leaders.

E&E NEWS Haaland makes history at swearing-in

“The work ahead to protect our sacred places is the work our ancestors began long before us. It is an historic moment to have a Laguna Pueblo woman in this leadership position who shares our understanding of the sanctity of our natural resources. We look forward to the department forging new and stronger relationships with sovereign tribal nations.”

– Executive Director Judith Le Blanc (Caddo)

NATIVE NEWS ONLINE Praise for Deb Haaland Becoming Interior Secretary from Around the Country

We need just recovery for the coronavirus and climate crises

THE HILL op-ed by Judith LeBlanc and Tamara Toles O’Laughlin

“I think Senator Murkowski acted with an understanding of the history and current significance of having someone like Deb Haaland lead the Department of Interior,” said Judith LeBlanc, executive director of the Native Organizers Alliance

THE WASHINGTON POST ‘I really struggled through this one’: A GOP senator chose history over oil and gas

“Grassroots advocacy and Native civic engagement and not campaign contributions from extractive industries should be the major factor in the direction of the Department of the Interior,” said Judith LeBlanc, executive director of Native Organizers Alliance

THE GUARDIAN How Deb Haaland’s confirmation bid became a ‘proxy fight’ over fossil fuels

“When tribal governments that are sovereign nations say no, it needs to mean something,” said Judith LeBlanc, a citizen of the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma and director of the Native Organizers Alliance, a national group that works for social and policy changes. “It needs to be part of the process of deciding our energy needs, the process of deciding anything that will affect land, water, air or our social and civil rights.”

STAR TRIBUNE Tribes have high hopes as Haaland confirmation hearing nears

“American Indians, we suffer from being erased from history. We were brought to our knees and forced into treaties. A huge majority of people think we don’t even exist, this department has the most impact on our daily lives. Land use, water use, health care, education and tribal governance,” – Judith LeBlanc, director of the Native Organizers Alliance

THE WASHINGTON POST Deb Haaland’s nomination to lead Interior is a historic first for Native Americans. The GOP wants Biden to cancel it.

Judith LeBlanc, director of the Native Organizers Alliance, a national political organizing group, said Haaland’s big tasks will include helping Native Americans deal with the disproportionate COVID-19 virus sickening and killing people of color, who are three times more likely to die than white Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She also has a chance to “reset the relationship” between Indigenous people and the Interior Department, LeBlanc said.

USA TODAY ‘Our ancestors’ dreams come true’: Deb Haaland could become the nation’s most powerful Native American leader

Judith Le Blanc joins the newscast to discuss how grassroots, political power plays into the future of Indigenous environmental safety.

INDIAN COUNTRY TODAY Great interruption could end pipelines

Crystal Cavalier, and a citizen of the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation and a part of Native Organizers Alliance has been going across North Carolina encouraging indigenous people to register and vote. “This election cycle has engaged the most Natives in any election cycle,” Cavalier said.

TODAY AT ELON CREDE hosts ‘Why Engaging in Voting is Sacred’ to kick off Native American Heritage Month

Native Organizers Alliance has launched a campaign to mobilize Native American voters ahead of the November election. The campaign is raising awareness of the importance of voting and providing resources to get voters to the polls.

THE HILL Native American communities make a final push to get out the vote this November

Judith Le Blanc, director of Native Organizers Alliance and a citizen of the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma, sees Haaland’s nomination as a symbol of hope where there seemed to be none.

THE WASHINGTON POST In Indian Country, tears, hope and defiance over nomination of first Native Cabinet secretary

More than 131 organizations—including the Indigenous Environmental Network, the Center for Biological Diversity, the NDN Collective, the Native Organizers Alliance, and the Sunrise Movement—sent a letter earlier this month to the Biden team urging Haaland’s selection, which even earned support in recent days from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

NEW REPUBLIC Biden Isn’t a Lost Cause for the Left

“What you’re hearing across Indian Country is a huge sigh of relief,” said Judith Le Blanc, director of the Native Organizers Alliance and an enrolled member of the Caddo Tribe of Oklahoma. “We just made history,” she said.

USA TODAY ‘We just made history’: Native Americans praise historic choice to have Deb Haaland lead Interior

“Rep. Haaland’s nomination to lead the Department of the Interior is a historic moment for tribes and the representation of Native peoples in our federal government. Her nomination validates the impact Native people had in this year’s presidential election. For the first time, we will have a person who looks like us and understands the complexities of treaties and tribal governments in the process of overseeing public lands. ” – Judith Le Blanc Director of Native Organizers Alliance

NATIVE NEWS ONLINE Praise for Rep. Deb Haaland’s Nomination to Become Interior Secretary

Directed by Judith Le Blanc, NOA supports the capacities of tribes and communities to organize for policy change. They do this through technical assistance, media support, organizer training, and more to strengthen traditional inter-tribal practices. Ultimately, they are building a grassroots movement for “sovereignty, health and wellbeing in Indian Country.”

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